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You need to be comfortable that your IT project will be managed effectively and delivered smoothly, on-time and on-budget. Whether you’re looking at an on-premises project, or you’re moving into the Cloud, we’re here to help.


Network design is about the needs of your team, both now and into the future. Your network must take into consideration your business plans and be flexible enough to deal with both ups and downs. At Ridgewell Associates, we work with you to understand precisely what your business needs before we start designing.


Finding the best hardware option for your business isn’t always easy. The vast range of options available make it a minefield and you might find yourself going in circles. At Ridgewell Associates, it’s part of our role to spec and source hardware for your IT projects, large and small. We have no loyalties to any specific vendors, meaning we can design and build exactly what you need, taking advantage of pricing offers when possible.

Of course, if the hardware we are sourcing for you is replacing your current PCs, servers, and networking parts, we will organise recycling and ethical disposal of everything you no longer need. With minimal fuss, you can fully comply with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment recycling (WEEE) legislation and all hard drives are wiped a certificated.

IT Projects


Moving office is a great time to do IT projects. The disruption of simply moving office means that a little more makes no difference. We will make sure that everything you need is waiting for you the day you move into the new office. A big part of this is your internet connection. Liaising with your ISP and BT Openreach.


Flexible working, hot-desking, and the need to get in and out of the office, quickly mean few people want to manually plug into your internet connection. Installing a secure Wi-Fi network means people can work wherever they want in the office. Don’t, however, be tempted to give guests your Wi-Fi password. A relatively small investment in hardware will ensure your Wi-Fi network, and therefore your data, stays safe.

IT Projects


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